A New Addition Makes 8

There’s been a buzz going around the office… Waiting, waiting, waiting for Baby Girl Babiarz to make her appearance and up our Sarofsky kid count… Well, last week, she finally did!!

Electra Stephanie Babiarz was born on February 28th, weighing a lovely 7 pounds, 1.7 ounces.

Per her proud dad, “She's the best baby in the whole world. She sleeps constantly. Eats and poops as a good baby should.”

Welcome to the family, Electra… We can’t wait to meet you and we love you already!

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CBS Sunday Morning

Did you happen to catch CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend? February 26th at 9/8c to be exact? The lead story? No?

Well, now’s your chance… Click here to see THE Erin Sarofsky being interviewed by Lee Cowan for their Academy Awards special. They’re talking main titles… The history, production, art, you name it.

We’re so excited and proud to have been a part of this... (Especially alongside Lola, Kyle and Patrick!) So we’d like to thank The Academy, CBS, Jane Pauley, Lee Cowan and everyone else without whom this never would have happened!

(Don’t forget the ...

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SXSW News!

So much excitement over on the blog lately...

Today, we're pumped to announce that two (that's right... two!) of our title sequences have been nominated for Excellence in Title Design at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival!

Can you guess which ones? (Hint: see above.) Yup, Animal Kingdom and Dr. Strange!

We don't like to toot our own horn, but per SXSW: "Inspired by an essential part of the theatrical experience, these are works of art in their own right. The 27 sequences selected represent the very best and most original of the past year." You heard ...

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FITC Toronto

Anyone looking to take a trip to the Great White North this April? Yeah, we know it will just be getting warm here in Chicago (and elsewhere in the northern US)… But Canada just might be calling your name, because…

We’re thrilled to share that Erin will be speaking at FITC Toronto this year!

The event will take place this April 23-25th. If you decide to attend, you’ll be one of about 1,200 ready to listen to Erin’s presentation : “The Do’s and Don’ts of Motion Design Domination.”

More details can be found here… Hope ...

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Graphic Design USA

The editors at the venerable publication Graphic Design USA have established a tradition over the past 50 years, where they begin each new year with a feature called “People to Watch.”

You are sure to recognize many of the luminaries they have put in the spotlight: Milton Glaser, Primo Angeli, Walter Landor, George Lois, Massimo Vignelli, Saul Bass, Ivan Chermayeff, Stefan Sagmeister, Lou Dorfsman, Ken Carbone, Margo Chase, Sean Adams, Debbie Millman, Tina Roth Eisenberg, David Carson, Su Mathews, Jessica Walsh, Ashleigh Axios, Chip Kidd, Justin Ahrens, Tobias Van Schneider, Alex Center, and many more.

As we ...

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