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Girl Rising - Case Study

Here you can check out some behind the scenes images and VFX breakdowns, as well as all of the interstitials as they appear in the movie.

And recently, The Design Observer Group shared our Girl Rising montage on their OBlog. Check it out here!

And even more recently, Communication Arts featured Sarofsky & Girl Rising in their Exhibits section, here!

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The Playboy Club - Case Study

Our main title for "The Playboy Club" was definitely one of the most fun & exciting to shoot. (Especially for the guys.)

Take a look at a few of our behind the scenes photos from that super sexy day.

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Hung, Invitation to the Set - Case Study

Last year, Erin, Steven and Halley drove to Detroit to work on a project for Hung, their "Invitation to the Set" piece... Over the course of about 36 hours.

As you can imagine, hilarity ensued. Here are a few photos from that wacky trip.

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The Killing - Case Study

When you thinks of Seattle, what do you see? Cloudy skies? Rainy days? Umbrellas? When we headed there for "The Killing" main title shoot, we got none of that.

So we had to improvise... Take a look.

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Shameless - Case Study

Pretty much everything about our main title (and corresponding shoot) for "Shameless" was just that: shameless.

Here are our most shameless photos.

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