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Double Exposure Explore
May 19, 2021
Creative team: Erin Sarofsky + Duarte Elvas + Stefan Draht
Producing team: Steven Anderson + Dylan Ptak

Double Exposure

Double exposure is a lovely technique that is very appropriate for this brand and we know that this is a huge opportunity to do something really special.

On our initial call we discussed a few things that can inspire some new kinds of imagery.  My favorite note was that the spot doesn’t need to be so white.  We know that for some people double exposure means two layers – one image inside the other – but for us it is much more nuanced than that.  If we break from that thinking, some of the compositions can get darker and be a dramatic juxtaposition to the brighter scenes.  We also can use a lot more layers to add depth and texture to the scenes.

While we have started some type explorations, we want to continue to explore the different ways it can be integrated into the scenes.

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