We have always considered ourselves a teaching studio, looking to find young talent that we can develop internally so that we can instill good work habits in a truly collaborative, supportive environment. So it was natural for us to come up with ways to engage both our clients and the larger design community in that way.

It was from this ethos that Sarofsky Labs was born. A weekend workshop series that invites members of the design community to the studio to do a personal project under the guidance of our key team, Sarofsky Labs has become a great laboratory for new talent.  Also, as we have been delivering more work as kits, it’s been important to include training along with them, sharing information with our clients so they can maintain the work we created on their behalf.

Creative Workshops

Sarofsky Labs is a weekend workshop series that the studio developed. We offer sessions on Design for Motion, Producing for Motion, Main Title Concept and Pitching and 3D Motion Design. This came about because we wanted to bridge the gap between traditional education and a real working environment. We wanted to share how our studio manages and works with the challenging real-life scenarios it faces on a daily basis. While the workshops cover a wide range of creative topics, they address production and pipeline-related items as well, so that the attendees get a real glimpse of life at an elite design studio.

Educational Service

It's become very common for us to deliver kits as well as final renders, so we support those kit deliverables with dedicated in-house workshops. For us, it’s essential that the kits be realistically usable for any user. And so, as a part of our offerings, we suggest dedicated workshops for your in-house creative team, as well as continued support as your projects evolve or staff changes over time.

Tutorials and How-To Videos

We are often asked to contribute to conferences and other creative platforms by creating tutorials or how-to videos based either on work we have done, or, on our explorations with new tools that are available. More and more, we will be providing tips, scripts and helpful videos in our case studies and on our blog to help enrich the larger community.

We also do

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