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We are thinkers.

to be different / driven / defended / developed / designed / dared

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You’re here for a reason.

Maybe you want to make some noise.
Touch a nerve.
Turn the tide.
Perhaps there’s something missing in the soul of your brand.
Or in your bottom line.
Maybe you’re not quite sure what it is.
That’s okay.
It’s our job to help you find it.

Sarofsky Solutions* / How We Think

Change is constant, in life and for a brand. How do you keep up while remaining true to your brand culture, your vibe? That’s where we fit in. We believe clever thinking is contagious. It can be gutsy. Disruptive. Beautiful. And we know big things happen when smart minds collaborate + build on what’s possible. Sarofsky Solutions* is a company that combines keen strategic thought with the same level of story + mind-bending design to create work that makes waves + changes perceptions. Behaviors. Categories. That’s how Sarofsky has delivered mind-blowing stories for entertainment clients for over a decade. And that’s how we’ll work for you.

Sarofsky Solutions* / How We Work

We’re problem solvers. Client partners bring us questions, opportunities + challenges facing their business, every day. So we work closely with them to deliver intelligent + thoughtful solutions. We focus on how powerful stories can elevate a brand's profile – and a whole bunch of other metrics the C suite loves to see. Although we’re exclusively project-based, we have long-term relationships with our clients. They love how we work + the results we achieve together. Our thinking supports and is typically outside of the ongoing work their in-house marketing team and/or agency provides.

Sarofsky Solutions* / Our Process

With so many economic, social + cultural forces in flux, understanding what the consumer wants isn’t always easy. Building internal consensus around solutions can be tricky at times, too. That’s why you need us. We’re built differently. The way we think, create + make work for you happens to be different, too.

We’ve honed a collaborative process that’s practically perfect. We take the time to do our homework together with you to discover your ideal strategic outcomes. From thorough discovery, candid conversation + spirited client workshops, we dig deep to find your unique, powerful truth. Along the way, we facilitate an internal process with your team that builds consensus + enthusiasm for the work we’re creating together.

What We Do

Sarofsky Solutions* unites keen strategic thinking and mind-blowing design to produce effective, creative solutions for the evolving needs of businesses and brands. This isn’t an exhaustive list of the creative solutions we deliver for clients, but it’s a good overview of our capabilities.


Brand Strategy
Social Strategy
Digital Strategy
Media Planning
Content Marketing
Customer Experience


Creative Ideation
Content Writing
Product Naming
Art Direction
Logo Design
Package Design
Signage Design


Explainer Videos
Live Action Filming
Doc-style Content
Video Content
Motion Design Editorial
Point of Sale
Digital POS
Cross-Media Assets
Online Advertising
Web Development

Think | Create | Make

“Sarofsky Solutions stopped me in my tracks. I was blown away by the work we did together. I can describe it in one word - STUNNING. Copy, creative, production, sound - every detail was handled with precision and care. They create truly magical, memorable and impactful experiences that drive RESULTS. Bonus - they are easy and fun to work with. It doesn't get any better.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Sarofsky Solutions* is:

- A small, diverse team of experts who are passionate problem solvers
- A Think / Create / Make model
- Highly tactical & solution agnostic
- Flat, fast & easy – fewer layers are easier for our clients and for us
- Producers of impactful work that tackles sticky business problems
- Experienced in creating brand and entertainment solutions – the duality provides depth of thinking
- Scalable - growing to suit your needs without the bulky overhead

How is Sarofsky Solutions* different from an agency?

We’re different in a few ways. First, we’re chiefly problem solvers. Our clients bring us really good questions, opportunities, and challenges facing their business and we work with them to deliver remarkable solutions. We’re focused on impact. We’re project based only, not an AOR. And we have long-term relationships with our clients because they love how we work. Our work typically supports and is outside of the ongoing work our clients’ agency and/or in-house marketing team provides.

What inspired the creation of Sarofsky Solutions*?

In entertainment, there is something known as a special sequence. A special sequence fills a unique space or need in a film project. Similarly, we realized there’s a gray space that exists between brand and entertainment that we are uniquely able to fill. In the Venn diagram of brand, entertainment, and a big problem/opportunity, you’ll find Sarofsky Solutions* poised to deliver distinctive solutions.

Who works on our business?

Who you see is who you get. The core team (Erin, Eddie + Kimberly) work on your business and deliver the solutions you approve. Select specialists are brought on as needed, depending on the skill set or expertise a specific project requires.

Who does Sarofsky Solutions* work with?

We work with decision-makers who want to drive change or make waves. The close involvement of decision-makers directly equates to the impact of our work. If we’re using an onion as the analogy, peeling back layers makes everyone teary and they stink after a while. The type of decision maker who gravitates to Sarofsky Solutions* is likely leading a challenger brand or a legacy brand that’s charging into a new area or era. Our clients rely on our team to get smart fast about their business and its unique challenge or opportunity.

Are you trying to poach business from agencies?

Nope. We love agencies and some of us have worked for several. They’re great and occupy a valuable role we can’t replace. And we don’t want to. We’re also very happy to work alongside your agency or internal creative team in order to deliver work that reinforces theirs. We play well with others!

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