Beautifully made.

The Staircase

The Staircase eschews true-crime tropes in favor of internal narratives & character building and sets the table for our stunning new title sequence. Using glass materials and optical illusions the sequence builds a sense of uncertainty, dislocation, and the unexpected.


WeCrashed explores what happens when WeWork, a bonafide unicorn start-up, is led into the ground by Adam Neumann, whose personality and sheer audacity makes him a unicorn in his own right.


HBO and James Gunn enlisted our typography expertise in this much anticipated “The Suicide Squad” spin-off — “Peacemaker”. As soon as we watched the quirky dance sequence, we fell in love with the style, the characters and the instantly-stuck-in-your-ear track by Wig Wam. We were immediately ready to dive in and create a typography and main title treatment that complemented the badass aesthetic of the sequence.
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