Beautifully made.

The Suicide Squad

We were tasked with using our design and typography expertise to devise a system that tied all the graphic elements in the film together. We created a main title sequence, subtitles, an end crawl as well as a custom treatment for the Warner Bros. logo animation.
Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium "Hyperlocal"

Hoping to expand its Spotify Premium subscription base by shining the spotlight on the richness, depth and sound stylings of musical artistry in specific localities, the creative team at Spotify asked us to produce spots promoting premium service in two cities: Chicago and Atlanta.

The Mosquito Coast

Much like the family’s adventure from Stockton California to the Mosquito Coast in Central America the process for building the main titles was a journey. A journey with twists, turns, and unexpected solutions, ultimately landing in a place that just feels right and fits the tone of the show.
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