Beautifully made.

The Gray Man

CIA’s top assassin, Sierra Six, uncovers some very compromising agency secrets triggering a worldwide manhunt that will stop at nothing. Two whole hours of non-stop thrill and action that keep us at the edge of our seats, with spectacular visual effects and stunning locations. To live up to and complement this level of production value is a thrilling challenge in and of itself– one that we gladly dove into head first without looking back!

Illinois Cares "I Got Love"

The I Got Love inaugural statewide advertising campaign for Illinois Cares for Kids is set in motion with our charming animated spot. The campaign lets residents know that affordable early childhood education and care is available to Illinois families.

The Staircase

The Staircase eschews true-crime tropes in favor of internal narratives & character building and sets the table for our stunning new title sequence. Using glass materials and optical illusions the sequence builds a sense of uncertainty, dislocation, and the unexpected.
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