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We love it when we are brought into the design process early. And that’s just what happened with rebranding for Aleve, a leading over-the-counter pain-relief product. Ad agency Energy BBDO approached us right at the start, to design new graphics and a series of commercials that could revitalize and add recognition for the brand. 

The Brief

There are always “must-haves” and “must communicates” with every briefing, and with this project, the laundry list was a long one.  We needed to show the iconic shape of the bottle, the logo, and Aleve’s signature arch. We needed to communicate that the pain relief the product delivers lasts all day. In some of the spots, we also had to focus on specific benefits, such as relief of seasonal symptoms and back pain. And we had to do it all very quickly.

We were able to check all of the boxes and still deliver a result that was uncluttered and beautiful which is an achievement of which we are very proud.


Proud ♥

“We felt health-care industry packaging had such a stale look, and wanted to change that. We wanted to condense the Aleve brand down to a couple iconic elements: The shape of the bottle, the arc and burst– with a beam of new life. Sarofsky came to us with tons of really rich ideas—six or seven deep in each bucket. The finished work is beautiful.” 

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Initial Design Exploration

Being involved in the design and ideation process from inception to finish gave us the ability to really impact both the look and motion sensibilities of Aleve’s branding.

Final Thoughts

Pharma and package goods are categories in which most creative agencies are not clamoring to do reel-worthy work. But for us, the Aleve rebranding represented an opportunity not only to do something stunning, but to buck the naysayers with work that elevates the trajectory of the whole genre. We believe in creating work at that caliber for everyone. Here, we achieved that.  Erin frequently uses this project as a case study during her speaking engagements.

“We were steadfast in wanting to get everything in and have it be ultra-minimalistic. Less really is more. Reducing everything to the simplest, clearest, most gorgeous delivery of the message, and then reducing it more…that’s something we try to do with every project.”

Project Credits 
  • Executive Creative Director
    Erin Sarofsky
  • Executive Producer
    Steven Anderson
  • Producer
    James Babiarz
  • Creative Leads
    Patrick Coleman
  • John Filipkowski
  • Motion Designers
    Jake Mathew
  • Jesus Bibian Jr.
  • Justin Reed
  • Tnaya Witmer
  • Compositors
    Dan Bruce
  • Jon Jamison
Client Credits 
  • Agency
  • Global Creative Director
    Tim Pontarelli
  • Executive Producer
    Jeff Drooger
  • Creative Director
    Phil Jungmann
  • Client

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