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Havas’s mission was to create a series as fun and irreverent as CG animations for Babybel. They wanted the products to be the main characters, but to remain photo real, which was a wonderful challenge. Our solution? Give those iconic Babybels some sass when we animate their movements.  

Fun Irreverence

For bright and bouncy fun, computer generated (CG) animations do it best. Make that photo-real CG, and the options get more interesting. Havas Chicago’s mission for us with a series of spots starring Babybel cheese products was, “fun irreverence.” They wanted the CG animated cheeses to be the main characters in the commercials, photo real and playful—a wonderful challenge.

To set the right tone throughout, we created a minimal world for each product, with predominantly white space as the perfect background for the bright red pops of color. A great chance for us to showcase our CG skills, the finished commercials perfectly capture how in our best work, we play.

Thinking it through, the iconic, red-wax coating bitty Babybel cheeses are known for, gave us an idea: What if we created an entire cast of wax-dipped characters, and had them dancing in Dairyland, swinging in playgrounds, picnicking with crackers? 

Once we decided to go all out with that iconic red wax, everything else fell into place. We started with the cows, and then had the little cheeses unzip to become flowers, and then re-imagined  birds as little flying Babybels…it was all just magic.

Babybel BIO

To introduce Babybel Bio, a 100% organic-milk cheese snack, we sent a wheel of the cheese rolling down grassy hills blooming with Babybel flowers, past grazing red-wax cows with Babybel birds flying overhead.


Nom Nom
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Babybel Mini-Rolls

For Babybel Mini-Rolls kids’ cheese snacks, we sent the cheesy spirals springing from school bus to playground.

Get Cheesy
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Babybel Cheese & Co

For spots introducing Babybel Cheese & Co snack packs, a mama Babybel pushes cracker-ettes on the swings, picnics with the rounds, and drives across a landscape of red-waxed trees into a cracker sunset.

Babybel For Social

For social media, the classic red-wax-zipper that opens each Babybel cheese becomes a hand holding a balloon-cluster of Babybels in one spot, and a farmer with his rake in another.

Project Credits 
  • Executive Creative Director
    Erin Sarofsky
  • Executive Producer
    Steven Anderson
  • Senior Producer
    Dylan Ptak
  • Creative Lead
    Duarte Elvas
  • CG Lead
    Jake Allen
  • Motion Designers
    Tanner Wickware
  • Dan Moore
  • Stewart Rosburg
  • Matt Miltonberger
  • Spencer Seibert
  • Andrew Hyden
Client Credits 
  • Agency
  • Agency Producers
    Bridget Danko
  • Natalie Turner
  • Agency Creative Director
    Kate Delaney
  • Client

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