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When Highdive first reached out to us for help in animating an end tag for a spot,  we had no way of knowing that the small project would turn into a long-term relationship. But it did. We’ve been delighted to have had a hand in helping with Boost Mobile branding ever since.

The Story Begins Here

When Highdive first reached out to us for help in animating an end tag for a spot,  we had no way of knowing that the small project would turn into a long-term relationship. But it did. We’ve been delighted to have had a hand in helping with Boost Mobile branding ever since.


With each assignment, our challenge has been to elevate the design in a unique way.  For a look at our solutions, take a peek inside a handful of our favorite collaborations.

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Kinetic Edit with Expressive Neon Elements

Animation can do a lot to elevate an edit and make an ad more effective. This series of spots really highlights that in a big way. Not only does the animation connect to the audience in a visceral way, it also draws attention to offers and adds to the brand recognition and awareness.

Our favorite part is how fun these are to animate.  It’s not every day a client asks us to plus up some cool footage with expressive neon lines. Cell animation isn’t always appropriate, but here is a perfect reason to deploy it!

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Wait for the Drop

We love it when our clients want to push a brand in new, bold directions!
And that’s exactly what happened in ‘Wait for the Drop’.  Once we heard the first music selects we knew we had a design treat on our hands! The team at Highdive wanted to speak to a younger audience in a fresh, irreverent and energetic way.  To do that, this piece is driven by a fast paced EDM track with an obvious ‘drop’ moment, cleverly alluding to the drop in the customer’s phone bill.

The edit was crafted by our friends at Utopic. It was essential to work closely with them in order to achieve the right balance of energy. The animation of the graphics had to be quick, flash and cut on and off. To achieve that, the edit actually had to slow down a bit giving the viewer time to process what they were seeing on the screen. Keeping up with the cadence of the music track, both editorially and animation-wise, turned out to be the key to this successful spot.

Many of our early discussions with the creative team revolved around the different assets/elements that would define the style of the spot. How much orange should we infuse into the graphics? How much grit and texture? And obviously, how could we accentuate that ‘drop’ moment?

Brand recognition is very important for Boost Mobile, so even while we deconstructed the graphics and played around with introducing a new visual language, we were sure to keep the Boost symbol,  brand colors and typography prominent throughout.

For this project, we contributed all of the motion graphics and finishing of the spots. Utopic worked on edit and color.

Get Moving
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Get Moving with Boost Mobile

‘Get Moving’ was a New Year’s holiday campaign highlighting a 4-phone offer. We knew that the phones had to be created in 3D and that they needed to look incredible. So, during the development and motion testing phase, 3D is where we focused most of our efforts. We worked hard to ensure that all of the product shots looked beautiful.


Once we had the phone models and renders looking great, it was time to choreograph an awesome animation that combined existing footage with our new graphics. We incorporated the footage into the phone screens for a seamless and elegant result, effectively promoting the offer and the brand.

Motion Tests

Every once in a while it’s fun to share some of the motion tests that we created right out of the gate. In this case you can see that our tests were pretty close to what we ultimately delivered. A win-win in fast turnaround situations.

Step up
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Step Up with Boost Mobile

As the Coronavirus pandemic hit and the world went into lockdown, production throughout the industry halted and agencies needed to come up with new strategies for their brands. Boost Mobile needed to announce their new upgraded network, which dramatically increased their coverage.

It was a privilege to team up, once again, to create an innovative spot for them— this time relying solely on previously shot footage, stock, and computer generated graphics.


In an effort to highlight the brand’s new visual identity, we tracked brand elements, (such as the beams and the Boost symbol,) into different environments. The Boost colors traveling through each location and hitting different mobile devices was a great way to communicate the company’s increased coverage.

Sarofsky was involved in this project from the creative development phase, executing all post-production work, including editing, color and finishing.

Proud ♥

It’s truly rewarding to breathe new life into a brand and see it evolve over time.

Project Credits 
  • Executive Creative Director
    Erin Sarofsky
  • Executive Producer
    Steven Anderson
  • Producers
    Kelsey Hynes
  • Creative Lead
    Duarte Elvas
  • Lead Artists
    Matt Miltonberger
  • Lyndsay McCully
  • Motion Designers
    Matt Miltonberger
  • Cat McCarthy
  • Tony Agliata
  • Jake Mathew
  • Jordan Bergren
  • Tobias Mattner
  • Nik Braatz
  • Preston Gibson
  • Dan Moore
  • 3D Artists
    Jake Allen
  • Tanner Wickware
  • Finish
    Cory Davis
  • Editor “Step Up with Boost Mobile”
    Adam Bruno
  • Editor “Wait for the Drop”
    Suzie Moore @ Utopic
  • Colorist “Wait for the Drop”
    Scott Ackerlund @ Utopic
  • Assistant Editor
    Jamie Gray
Client Credits 
  • Client
  • Executive Creative Director
    Mark Gross
  • Producers
    Jen Passaniti
  • Lindsay Vetter
  • Ellina Stein
  • Creative Directors
    Eduardo Vea
  • Jorge Pomareda
  • Jamie Stark
  • Copywriter
    Alec Jankowski
  • Client

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