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Caldrea makes wonderfully-scented and beautifully packaged household products and candles. Aromatherapeutic Living is their mantra. Capturing the delight and emotion that Caldrea’s gorgeous aromas bring was a fantastic challenge that yielded one of our boldest, most visually-arresting brand videos yet.

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Visually Scented

Our nose knows a hell of a lot more than we once thought: Research has proven that the human nose can detect 1 trillion different smells. That’s waaaay more than the half-million tones our ears can hear. And yet our lexicon of language is woefully short on words that describe scent. Thankfully, where words fail, visuals come to the rescue!

Scented-product maker Caldrea’s mantra is “Aromatherapeutic Living” so when Ogilvy asked us to create a video for the brand, we were thrilled: Capturing the complexity, delight and emotions that beautiful aromas bring, was a fantastic challenge that yielded one of our boldest, most visually-arresting commercials yet. 

Focusing on three different Caldrea scents, we first parsed the mix of ingredients that make them so beguiling. Taking a page from perfumers, we thought about top notes and base notes. We borrowed from wine connoisseurs, too:  Just as a sommelier might describe a buttery chardonnay as being “fruit forward, balanced with bright acidity and finished with touches of spice and vanilla,” we thought about the sequence of scent with our visuals. Each aroma begins, progresses and lingers—we wanted to show that progression. And because scent is so evocative, we made sure to use color, shape and motion to visualize how each fragrance made you feel, where it took you, what it made you want to do.

Achieving all of this, we cast and styled one woman dressed in outfits to match three different scents. Then, using an eclectic collage style we lovingly call “Maximalist,” we designed, illustrated, and animated elements all around her as she strides toward the camera.

Illustrating the bold scent and feel of Caldrea’s Sea Salt Neroli, wheels of bright lemon cue the citrus-forward aroma, with florals, botanicals, seashells and corals coming behind. For the softly exquisite Ginger Pomelo, pink citrus wheels turn behind flowers and ginger, with teapots, dragonflies and feathers floating and flitting. And we finish the trio with Pear Blossom Agave, succulent, lacey and luxuriant, over jewel-toned greens. Textures, color, motion; we artfully wove them all to help tell the story of smell.

Project Credits 
  • Live Action Director
    Erin Sarofsky
  • Executive Producer
    Steven Anderson
  • Executive Creative Director
    Erin Sarofsky
  • Producer
    Joel Signer
  • Creative Lead
    Duarte Elvas
  • Editor
    Jamie Gray
  • Motion Designers
    Josh Smiertka
  • Jake Mathew
  • Leah Evans
  • Brent Austin
Client Credits 
  • Agency
  • Global Group Creative Director
    Tereasa Surratt
  • Art Director
    Silas Helm
  • Copywriter
    Annie Roche
  • Content Producer
    Jenn May Rosen
  • Client

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