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Jeep “Color Outside the Lines”

Coming off of the campaign we did for Jeep Renegade, we were stoked about the bad-ass spirit of the brand. The more we learned about the car and its driver, the more we knew that both were made to stand out. The challenge we gave ourselves? Put all of those feels into one bold little spot that would be just as fearless, unique and original.  A passion piece!

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The Narrative

Friend, brilliant writer, and Jeep Renegade driver Eddie Snyder immediately got what we were after for this spot and penned the cleverness that holds it together. With a clapping, bouncing, soundtrack, the Renegade pops and turns, in a photo-real-looking fantasy we built entirely with computer graphics, letting color, pattern, and design tell the message.

Opening with a “Don’t” to black and white conventions, and a “Do” to brilliant colors like blue, tangerine, red, & shocking yellow, we shift the car from solids to a shower of dots.

Colors splash over the car, evolving with every turn to a wilder fantasy canvas: Red and white Jurassic T-Rexes, patterned with Nordic poinsettias, come first, followed by a tattoo artist’s dreamscape of daggered hearts, skulls, and cobras. With a flash-nod to Renegade’s off-road capabilities, we cover the car with a topographic map, all-mountain curves, river bends, and place names. Then? We move from Jagger-esque hot lips to geometric tree forms and camouflage. There’s a red-and-black plaid-scape, green raindrops, galactic space dust, and graffiti. All builds to a big finish with the car in eye-popping pink-purple-blue tie-dye.

The Outcome

Original? Yes! We love this piece because it shows that design can lead in the CG space. Color, pattern, and composition can communicate a lot about a brand, if given the chance. 

Project Credits 
  • Executive Creative Director
    Erin Sarofsky
  • Executive Producer
    Steven Anderson
  • Copywriter
  • 3D Lead
    David Hyatt
  • 3D Artists/Animators
    Alex Kline
  • Brent Austin
  • Dan Bruce
  • Motion Designers
    Duarte Elvas
  • Lyndsay McCully
  • Tanner Wickware
  • VFX and Finishing
    Cory Davis

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