Hello. Sarofsky here with a quick take on FAST TV.

Think FAST

FAST TV (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) is a brand messaging playground.

It provides the opportunity to match ad content to TV context and increase brand impact 39% to 49%. To entertain in a way viewers typically only get from Super Bowl ads (without a super-sized ad budget). This is big news for brands.

Your In-House Team + Our Set of Skills

We bring assets and skillsets that supercharge our client partners’ in-house capabilities and talents. Your in-house agency is the vehicle, engine, and gasoline. We’re the strategic road map, stuntman driving skills, and performance tires. On your own, you’ll always get there. With us, the trip will be faster and glorious.

Audience & Market Research
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Digital Strategy
Social Strategy

Art Direction
Content Writing
Creative Ideation

2D & 3D Animation
Cross-Media Assets
Live Action Filming & Photography
Motion Design
Video Content

Partnership Matters

To be transparent, no creative and strategic partner is perfect. But we’re pretty darn close.

That’s why MARVEL Studios has had us on speed dial since 2014. But there’s more to us than being just another shiny penny. We do the work. We understand your challenges. More than anything, we listen. Because no one knows your business and mission better than you do.

We understand people best. And how to help them realize they need your brand in their lives. We develop ​​personal connections with your audience. To offer the right experience at the right time, in the right places, and on the right channels—in a way that sparks interest, turns heads, entertains, and moves people to action, FAST.

We’d love to do that for you. Let’s talk.

It’s a new TV world

Tired of streaming costs, consumers are switching to free FAST TV. The format allows brands to marry message and relevance to channel programming in creatively exciting new ways: Brands can serialize ad content to to share a complete story. Turning your brand’s ad content into entertainment. It’s more than media placement. It’s ad content that increases meaning, impact, and brand recall.

Sarofsky is a collaborative partner that expands what’s possible

“Sarofsky stopped me in my tracks. I was blown away by the work we did together.
I can describe it in one word - STUNNING. Copy, creative, production, sound - every detail was handled with precision and care. They create truly magical, memorable and impactful experiences that drive RESULTS.

Bonus - they are easy and fun to work with. It doesn't get any better.”

We work with

Sarofsky is steeped in FAST TV. We’ve been working with early players in the category for a few years.

Sarofsky’s background in creating award-winning work for the entertainment industry provides a unique opportunity to blend advertising and entertainment. That storytelling expertise, combined with our deep understanding of FAST TV and a production process designed to create large series of content, makes us an ideal partner to create breakout work.

Whether you are aligning a cleaning product with a CSI channel… auto insurance with a MotorTrend channel… or a beverage with a home design channel, FAST TV offers infinite opportunities to match content and tone to the context of a channel. With an emphasis on entertaining your audience.

Sarofsky can quickly create a series of ads for a variety of FAST TV placements, expertly matching your brand’s unique voice and product offering to the creative opportunity the channel provides.

FAST TV, quick facts

The data is in

Integral Ad Science, in partnership with Neuro-Insight, conducted a study measuring participants’ brain activity to understand the impact of context matching and ad repetition:
– 39% increase in brand impact when ads match the context of the content being viewed
– 49% increase in brand impact when ads match tone and context of the content being viewed

Consumers love it

– 63% prefer free TV to a paid subscription
– More than 1 in 5 viewers will end streaming subscriptions this year in favor of FAST TV
– Young people prefer live TV to other options

Brands love it, too

– FAST TV doesn’t allow viewers to skip ads like they do when streaming
– Ads that align with video content can mitigate the impact of repetition and show better performance among viewers despite increased frequency

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