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Our main title for Platonic is a visual metaphor for the relationship between the two main characters, Will and Sylvia. It follows two lines that drift apart and then come back together to cause a bit of chaos. 

The long main title

“Platonic,” is an Apple TV+ limited series created by Nick Stoller and Francesca Delbanco, starring Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen.

It’s the story of Sylvia (Byrne), a happily married but somewhat unfulfilled woman and Will (Rogen), a middle-aged man-child going through a painful divorce. In college Sylvia and Will used to hang out, partying and laughing but, importantly, never sleeping together. They eventually went their separate ways because adult life got in the way. Now after all these years they reconnect, rekindling their friendship, picking up where they left off with their antics.

The show explores how traditional gender roles have shaped our adult circle of friends. Post-grad and especially post-marriage women and men tend to self-segregate. It’s this insight that led us to our main title treatment.

We explored male/female relationship dynamics visually with simple lines. The blue and pink strands evoke the personalities of Will and Sylvie; the way that they flow, intertwine, separate, influence, and confound each other. At times they become pieces of larger patterns only to break out and play on their own once again, and yes, cause a bit of chaos along the way. Since the linework was so central to the look and the theme it made sense to create our own hand-drawn typeface as an extension of the lines. The lines could literally flow into and out of the titles allowing us to harmonize them fully while not obscuring the letterforms. It’s rare to have the cast and crew credits to be so integrated into the key visuals within a main title and we are so excited that it all lives as one visual language.

The long main title will air on the first episode and is set to the Dashboard Confessional’s version of “We Used To Be Friends” by The Dandy Warhols.

Check out this amazing NYT article where Nick and Francesca share the nuances of how the series came into being.

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Proud x ♥

“Sarofsky has the most amazing capacity to realize an abstract idea and elevate the whole experience of the show by making it so. freaking. cool.

We are just thrilled and honored to collaborate with you guys and can’t wait to do it again next time.”

The shorties

After episode one the main titles evolve into a short title card. Each one is created custom to accommodate the different contributors as well as a fun ending illustration that relates to that episode.

Episode 102
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The Typography

The custom illustrated typeface is hand-drawn. It was created in-house by our talented artists. The PLATONIC logotype is also hand-drawn. It was inspired by Helvetica Warped because of how it merges and transitions the lines into a single character.

The titles are styled after generic stencil type, which extends from the dual-line theme. Loop-de loops were added to the W’s, M’s, and R’s which added whimsy and connected it to the line-work throughout.

Proud x ♥♥

“Sarofsky yet again knocked it out of the park with our titles. They’re so classy and cool-looking and are sure to influence many ads.”

  • Executive Creative Director
    Erin Sarofsky
  • Executive Producer
    Steven Anderson
  • Creative Director
    Stefan Draht
  • Producer
    Andrew Rosenstein
  • Animators
    James Wignall
  • Eric Larson
  • Nik Braatz
  • Lirio Ramirez
  • Illustrator
    Tricia Kleinot
  • Client
  • Created by
    Nicholas Stoller
  • Francesca Delbanco
  • Producer
    O’Shea Read
  • Post Production Supervisor
    Haley Schaeffer
  • Music by (ep.101)
    Dashboard Confessional’s version of “We Used To Be Friends” by The Dandy Warhols

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