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Whether you need to reach a niche audience, tell a complex story simply, or convey how life changing nasal spray can be, we’re here with innovative strategies, breakthrough creative, and efficient production solutions.
Our client experience includes biotech, pharma, beauty, health & nutrition, femine products, wellness, and more. Take a look…
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Category Work Earns Top Honors

Sarofsky approaches health & wellness holistically. We marry innovative storytelling with deep technical expertise to produce work that captures attention.

Sarofsky’s work in the category has earned the highest honors, including a Cannes Lion. Our storytelling chops, honed in the entertainment industry, provide a unique

opportunity to blend advertising and intimate storytelling in a category that often touches on the most personal topics. That storytelling expertise, combined with our deep understanding of the health and wellness space, and a production process designed to create content for all platforms and placements, makes us an ideal partner to create meaningful work that achieves your business goals.

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A Mystery To Me

A Mystery to Me is a short documentary series about navigating life with Myasthenia Gravis — a rare and mysterious autoimmune disease that causes muscular weakness. Our team, led by Director Ben Strang, produced this short Cannes Lion-winning documentary series to give viewers a personal, poignant and heartwarming entrée into the realities of living life with a disease that changes nearly every aspect of how you live.

Meet Glenn, Vanetta and Teresa: Three vibrantly unique individuals navigating three separate lives as they look for shared hope in the face of incredible adversity. A Mystery to Me is a window into their worlds. Our team, led by Director Ben Strang, produced this short Cannes Lion-winning documentary series to give viewers a personal, poignant and heartwarming entrée into the realities of living life with a rare and mysterious disease: Myasthenia Gravis. View full case study here. 

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Aleve: For A Better AM

We love it when we are brought into the design process early. And that’s just what happened with rebranding for Aleve, a leading over-the-counter pain relief product.

Ad agency Energy BBDO approached us right at the start, to design new graphics and a series of commercials that could revitalize and add recognition for the brand.  View full case study here

There are always “must-haves” and “must communicates” with every briefing, and with this project, the laundry list was a long one.

We needed to show the iconic shape of the bottle, the logo, and Aleve’s signature arch. We needed to communicate that the pain relief the product delivers lasts all day. In some spots, we also had to focus on specific benefits, such as relief of seasonal symptoms and back pain.

And we had to do it all very quickly.

We were able to check all of the boxes and still deliver a result that was uncluttered and beautiful which is an achievement of which we are very proud.

Sarofsky Expands What’s Possible

We felt healthcare industry packaging had such a stale look, and wanted to change that. We wanted to condense the Aleve brand down to a couple iconic elements: The shape of the bottle, the arc and burst—with a beam of new life. Sarofsky came to us with tons of really rich ideas—six or seven deep in each bucket.

The finished work is beautiful.

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Teens share. Their food, their drink, their lipstick, their kisses. It’s fertile ground for great relationships, but also, shockingly, for the spread of meningococcal meningitis—a horrible bacterial infection that can kill within 24-hours of transmission.

Although most young people receive their first Meningitis (MCV4) vaccine during middle school, more than 60% of older teens never go back for the crucial second vaccination.

To alert teens and their parents to the importance of getting that second dose to prevent the virus’ spread, Publicis NY asked us to create this public service announcement.

Our challenge was not only to communicate information in a way that would connect to both teens and their parents, but to create a sense of urgency while doing that.

Given the severity of the infection, it was important to shape a spot that literally stopped people in their tracks.

To do so, Erin Sarofsky directed a live-action story of “teens being teens”: laughing, sharing, sporting, and hanging out by lockers rehearsing a play. It’s set in high school with typical views and banter. To play up the idealized nature of the happy setting, we shot the footage slightly high-speed, with anamorphic lenses for a cloudy, dreamy look.

Want More? We’d Love to Show You

This is just a taste of the work we’ve done in the category. If you have a specific need or project in the works, reach out. We’ll start putting a reel together of relevant work today. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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